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Sidney & Percy

London, London (Greater)

Introducing SIDNEY & PERCY. Are you looking for something/someone/anyone to entertain your wedding guests? Lead a sing-a-long? ‘Ave a bit of a knees up?
Well look no further than SIDNEY & PERCY for a fraction of your pub-piano needs!

Sidney & Percy
London (Greater)
United Kingdom
Sidney and Percy
Work 07949 253721
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Baby Shower, Breakfast, Bridal Shower, Brunch, Engagement Party, Dinner, Lunch, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Dinner, Wedding Ceremony

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Sustainable Entertainer

About Sidney & Percy

Comedy clown double act SIDNEY & PERCY are the unconfirmed secret love children of Chas ‘N’ Dave and Liza Minnelli bring you exactly what you’d expect: pub-sing-a-long classics, a lot of lambeth walk elbows, unruly eyelashes and foul mouthed banter with their high energy mixture of oldies and original comedy.

‘Just for sh*ts and g*ggles’ is their latest pubs-and-pianos tour currently taking the East End and Leigh-on-Sea by storm.


Hugely funny down-to-earth sexy carefree sing-a-long and improvised offbeat chat make Sidney & Percy the go-to duo when you want to go ‘snooker loopy nuts are we’ down the boozer. From vintage tunes and film classics, to pub Joanna hits a la Chas & Dave, plinky plonk, honky tonk, vaudeville and burlesque the virtuosity of this unruly and hilarious pair is mind-boggling. As well as acting as comperes for our Food & Love Quiz the guys ran rampant with a repertoire that showcased their unimaginable prowess on vocals, ukulele and our dear old pub piano. Waving your arms in the air like you don’t care and having us all in stitches, as well as a variety of outrageous millinery, was the wondrous outcome for all who booked to come along as well those who stumbled into the magical world of Sidney & Percy when they performed recently. Can’t wait to have you back again soon!- Kate Lewis, Proprietor, The Royal Oak Tetbury

Sidney & Percy are well worth seeing and hearing. The shows I’ve seen have been witty, original, charming and great fun and were woven into two well crafted performances. Such talent deserves the widest audience. – David Pollard, Proprietor, The Joiners Arms.
Seen them twice – rude, funny, entertaining and all in tune! Brilliant – thanks. – James Fortune

‘From Go Big Dog to Blow Job Sidney and Percy pull it off – with pace, aplomb….and in tune too!’ – Aunt Sarah

A real tonic, Better than an after-diner speech any day. No pomp, no flat jokes, just fun in tune. – David Taylor

The catchiest and most hilarious songs and performance guaranteed to have you singing along to a right old knees up! Sidney & Percy, J’adore! Kristian Biggs

Without doubt the only time you’ll ever wake up in the morning and say the immortal words, ‘weren’t Sidney and Percy great last night! they’re the Kinder Eggs of entertainment giving you songs, laughter and chat all for the price of one act, what more can the general public ask for on a night out in the current economic climate? Peter McGrath – The Royal Oak Tetbury regular

Sidney and Percy are simply delicious. Their songs are not only witty and sharp, but they have great, catchy pop hooks. And, of course, all delivered with an imagination, confidence and charm that are really irresistible. JS Rafaeli – Music Journalist & author of ‘live at the brixton academy’

This original quirky duo, captures the audiences attention from the very beginning, you can not fail to be wowed, sauced, witted and fully frisked with humour and above all so much talent,…Sydney and Percy left us all wanting more and very much looking forward to thier next visit at Ten Green Bottles…Love em!! – Sarah Millington, Proprietor, Ten Green Bottles, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

“Sydney & Percy – one of the best hamburgers I’ve had in a long time – meaty, alarmingly sexy, rollicking tunes sandwiched between Percy’s sharp, saucy banter, all lusciously dressed in an increasingly outrageous set of camp outfits – gourmet cabaret at its most delectable.” – Dee Mullins

“Sidney and Percy are awesome! They will make you happy, make you smile and possibly even sing along.. Go see them and have a guaranteed night of great fun!” – Jorijn (Sidney’s flatmate)

I attending a gig by Sidney and Percy and thoroughly enjoyed myself, they were extremely funny, musically very talented, good at getting us all to join in and sing along. Some well known old songs, some were known songs with amusing variants and some were excellent new songs written by them. I look forward to listening to them again! – Annie Forsyth

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