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Max Pashm

London / New York,

Max Pashm has been performing globally for almost twenty years energising events, club nights and festivals with his vibrant stage presence and humour. As a DJ, or playing live with the Max Pashm Band, Max specialises in a variety of genres from Tech House to Balkan Beats, Klezmer and Gypsy Electronica.

Max Pashm
London / New York
Max Chekonova
Work +44 07711 989 824
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About Max Pashm

As a co-founder of the ‘Electro Swing Club’ in London Max has also helped to pioneer this evocative blend of vintage jazz swing and ragtime samples married to blistering electronic dance beats. As the Electro Swing Club craze has swept Europe and North America Max has been enjoying residencies in Paris, Berlin, Prague, Antwerp, Zurich and Brussels as well as Canada.

The Max Pashm Band live shows combine vocals with live percussion, brass, violin, classical world instruments, keyboards and electronic sequencers. Thanks to a new partnership with Chic and Boutique Venues Max Pashm welcomes invitations to DJ or perform at private events or parties in the United States.

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