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Dynamic Astrology - Crack The Code Blog - October 2016

Thursday 20 October 2016

Introducing our new in-house astrologer and soul coach Carolyne Faulkner, Founder of Dynamic Astrology. Carolyne is a pioneering soul coach who utilises a new self improvement method based on the stars. If you are interested in a consultation for yourself or you and your partner then you can reach Carolyne at www.dynamicastrology.com or @dynamicastrology.

Love Karma – When the karma of a relationship is spent only love remains.

The Sun is beginning to peep above the trees here in London, its bright, sunny and cold. I do not write unless I feel that I have something valuable to share, here it is:

In September we entered a phase that is all about romance, relationships, partnerships and unions; Jupiter in Libra, Libra is also about justice, we will reap what we have sown on that front! So much emphasis on relationships right now, to me, there are constant shifts and re-negotiations need to occur to meet those shifts.

Ahhh the art of compromise!

I work with so many people from all over the globe, some couples and many singles, my role is to trigger awareness and bring about peace in many cases, so many issues arise from miscommunication and reactions based on past wounds. These need to be addressed if we are to attract wholesome unions.

As a coach I try to look beyond the obvious and help my clients to not only “get where they want to go” but to gain awareness of self, this is vital and if you are part of the ‘blame’ culture then I cannot help you.

We must forgive and heal the past or the same situations will arise again in order for us to learn and grown as humans.

‘Be’: the right one!

In my experience, you cannot hope to attract the right partner without “being” the right kind of partner. If its a commitment like marriage you seek, then know this; you cannot possibly form a sustainable relationship unless you are totally prepared to put that person’s needs above your own…and vice versa of course.

If you are needy for validation and external love, recognise this, the person you attract will act as a mirror in reverse, if are insecure then you will attract a person who shakes your confidence as the lesson is indeed to look deeply within; to love and validate yourself.

Past Karma.

Whatever has been, will come again unless you have forgiven the person and indeed yourself. Only love remains for that person when the karma has been worked through. Anger, irritation, disappointment and hurt will re-occur if you hold on to it like a hot water bottle in the cold of night.
Let it go….

Move Forward.

You cannot change anyone else, only yourself and most of the issues arise from our own expectations. We “expect” a person to be how we perceive them, how can that work?

They are who they are, so study them, get to know them before you commit your mind body and soul to joining them. Sex…. should be a deeply spiritual experience.

If you hop into bed too soon, then you run the risk of a purely physical attraction which has no option but to fizzle out like a finite flame atop a candle.

You must accept your own flaws and try to work on them before you can honestly expect anyone else to love “you” fully. Who are you? You must love and KNOW yourself first.

That said, we have incredible opportunities for the next 12 months, romance, soul mate unions, people we have known in the past intimately will come again and being ready is the best bet! Work hard on yourself, meditate, create, open your heart and work on the $£@% you have kept buried, release it.

As for me, well I am going for a run, getting fit makes me feel good, being in shape makes me happy and I recommend it to anyone, I kicked off my healthy habits in May just gone and the results are paying off. When I lived in the US I would run for seven miles straight, then I got unfit and this is not good for me, I have Mars (my energy) in Taurus so being outside and getting plenty of exercise is vital to my energy levels. Get to know your own Mars sign to manage your energy levels better!

Like anything, you have to work hard to gain results, do not listen to the ones who say there is a quick fix…that is buying in to the whole fast paced consumerism that destroys our planet and us!
There is no quick fix, its not true.

Hard work pays off, anything else is transient and as fleeting as the bloom of a cut flower.

Work for your own fitness and ultimate liberation then you will usher in a partner who is ready to treat you like a God or Goddess.

Be Grateful

If you are reading this then you are alive and have the opportunity to embrace a whole new life starting NOW…do not waste a single moment on regret, or on people who cannot see your worth..

The happiest couples I know, love, respect and support each other, they have each other’s backs…do not accept anything less! true love is rarely, simply found, it is BUILT!

Over n Out

Carolyne X

P.S I am not so active on FB etc… you can find me and my words and music choices on Instagram @dynamicastrology or at www.dynamicastrology.com