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Dynamic Astrology - Crack The Code Blog - November 2016

Wednesday 16 November 2016

In-house astrologer and soul coach Carolyne Faulkner, Founder of Dynamic Astrology, provides more astrological analysis for November 2016! Carolyne is a pioneering soul coach who utilises a new self improvement method based on the stars. If you are interested in a consultation for yourself or you and your partner then you can reach Carolyne at www.dynamicastrology.com or Instagram @dynamicastrology.

What’s Happening ?
Ok so crazy times at the moment, on this we can all agree. We can become part of the solution or add to the issues. It really is that simple.

Many moons ago my teacher told me that we have to calm and steady our own minds if we wish the world to do the same. Just as it takes one flame to bring light to a darkened room, we can transform negativity into love. Sounds fluffy but its true, I have done it many times, it works, sure I react like most other humans but for the most part I try my best to help the shift…

Venus is in Capricorn at the moment, this is all about mastery..master the heart…!! The universal heart.

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