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Alexandria’s Afternoon at the Atelier

Thursday 19 June 2014

For me, one of the best things about being a bride-to-be, has been allowing myself to become slightly obsessed with all things beauty. So when I was given an exclusive invitation to the Chanel Makeup Atelier, for myself and three of my best girls – how could I say no?

It was an afternoon of pure bliss at Chanel Covent Garden, after arriving a little flustered, (and 20 minutes late – thanks for that District Line…) we were taken down to a private basement area, given glasses of gorgeous homemade lemonade, and greeted by the delightful Jennifer who would be looking after us for the day.

The idea of the session is that a professional makeup artist creates a ‘wedding look’ on the bride, and her three friends copy it on themselves. Everyone has their own table full of goodies to work with, including skincare products too, like cleansers, moisturisers, and primers (there is a lot of focus on skin-prepping – which we learned is very, very, important!). My sister was particularly impressed by the gorgeous little Chanel notebooks and pencils that we were given to write down all of the products we were using (her stationary obsession rivals my makeup one!).

For someone who loves makeup, but has questionable technique and limited skill herself, this was an incredibly useful session. I found out that I have been applying eye-cream the wrong way for the past five years, that contouring is possible without knowing how to create a Kim Kardashian-esque zebra face, and that brown liquid eyeliner is my new best friend.

Even though I am not doing my own makeup on my big day, the idea behind this session, is that if you would like to DIY, it is possible with bit of practice. The look that we created together was simple to do, yet flawless, and is truly something that I feel confident that I can replicate at home.The session costs £50 per person, but is redeemable against products, so it is really excellent value for what you get out of it. To book an appointment you can call 0207 240 2001.

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